Sabeel Christmas Message 2018

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given,

and the government shall be upon his shoulder; and his name shall be called,

Wonderful Counselor, The Mighty God,

The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace


Sabeel Christmas Message 2018


‘Do not be afraid, for see – I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people…’ (Luke 2:10)


Quakers will not profit from the occupation of Palestine

Quakers in Britain has today become the first church in the UK to announce it will not invest any of its centrally-held funds in companies profiting from the occupation of Palestine.


Kairos Palestine Conference, Bethlehem, 6-7th December

Hope where there is no Hope


Register to attend here: .


Kairos Palestine Christmas Alert 2018

Kairos Palestine is pleased to announce the Christmas Alert 2018!


This year the Christmas Alert sheds light on the importance of restoring a new hope for Palestine, the Middle East and the World. We need new light and hope to come from the hearts of all believers in the Christmas message to encourage churches around the world to act!


Let us all together spread the message of Palestinian Christians around the world!


Kairos Palestine Christmas Alert 2018

Kumi Now – let us rise up together

Message from Sabeel about their exciting new project:


Dear Friends,


Indeed it is a difficult time for Palestinians, the situation is dire, and this is unacceptable, it’s time for change we must overcome.


We Palestinians are blessed with many friends around the world who are prophetic voices, and courageously stand with our plight for freedom. We get our strength and power from people like you.


The time has come, we have unified voices from different organizations which reflect the diversity of our friends and human rights advocates to continue to struggle until the light of justice shines.


Today, the 8th of October, we are announcing a world-wide initiative which will launch on the 21st of October with direct actions. To date we have dozens of organizations participating.


We call on you to join this initiative, spread the word, and help to lift the spirits of activists up, we continue to challenge the powerful and there is no turning back.


It is now time to Rise Up!


To join, go to where you can watch a short introduction, read about the project and, most importantly, join the initiative so we can all rise up together.


Kumi Team- rising up together

Fall Witness Visit: October 30th – November 7th

This trip is led by Rev. Naim Ateek- co-founder of Sabeel

Come and See – Go and Tell

Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center invites you to join us for 9 nights to experience the reality of life in today’s Holy Land:


Greenbelt: Acts of the Imagination

You may not think that cooking a seabass would be a natural entry point to talking about the illegal blockade on Gaza and discussing the call to stop Arming Israel, but we discovered at Greenbelt that it was the most perfect way to bring people to the table to enjoy Palestinian culture and food while talking about the very difficult situation there.


Rev Naim Ateek’s Statement on Israel’s Nation State Law, 8th August 2018

Henry Siegman, a former National Director of the American Jewish Congress said, “Israel has crossed the threshold from ‘the only democracy in the Middle East to the only apartheid regime in the Western world.’”


Investing for Peace training sessions

Phoebe Rison of Sabeel-Kairos and Ryvka Barnard of War on Want will be offering tailor-made training sessions on ‘Investing for Peace: A Guide for Local Church Activists’ to interested Sabeel-Kairos Communities and Groups who are committed to starting or continuing local campaigns on Morally Responsible Investment.


Theological Network

The formation of a Theological Network has been agreed by the Board of Sabeel-Kairos.


World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel (WWPPI)

The 2018 World Week for Peace  16 – 23 September

Investing in young  people 

A week of education, prayer and action for peace in Palestine &  Israel, initiated by the World Council of Churches. Planned events below

This year’s theme is “Youth and Children: Raising Hope and Making Change”. Youth and children are the ones who suffer the most in conflicts and under occupation. They are also the ones who will hold the future of Palestine and Israel in their hands, the ones we pray will grow up with peace and prosperity.



2018 Promotion Flyer  for sharing the date and theme.  You can order copies in sets of 100.  




  • Generation  potential: interviews with five young Palestinians, project of PAX for Peace, Netherlands
  • 12 Faces of Hope: Seek Justice and Peace in the Holy Land: a resource from the WCC stories and video clips include Rabbi Noa Mazor, peacemaker Tarek Al-Zoughbi and communication worker Nanor Arkelian 
  • Video testimonies from Breaking the Silence, an organisation of veteran combatants of the Israeli Defence Forces who have served the occupation.
  • Find out about the work of Defence for Children International  in Palestine – important work monitoring and advocating for children who are illegally detained.  Stories, date and advocacy ideas.


PLANNED EVENTS FOR 2018 : please let us now what you are planning and we can post here. Email

20 September.  HexhamYouth and children Raising hope and making change.  Evening with Hamed Qawasmeh from the West Bank.  St Mary’s Church Centre, Hencotes, Hexham, NE46 2EB @7.30

29 September, Newcastle.  Youth and Children: Raising hope and making change.  Speaker Phoebe Rison, Advocacy worker for Sabeel/Kairos.  St Thomas’ Church, Haymarket, Newcastle @ 1.00pm.  2.30 worship


Salute to Presbyterian Church USA

Statement from Kairos Palestine, 25th June 2018


Jerusalem, 25, June 2018, The board, staff and supporters of Kairos Palestine and the members of Global Kairos for Justice coalition celebrate the historic pro-justice actions taken by the Presbyterian Church(USA) at its 223rd General Assembly meeting just days ago. We offer our profound thanks to staff, commissioners and advisory delegates of the PC(USA), and to its mission network, the Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (USA) ( which worked tirelessly to bring a slate of resolutions to the church’s assembly gathered in St. Louis.

A long-time partner of Kairos Palestine, the PC(USA) was among the first denominations to commend for study the Kairos Palestine document ( and to endorse the document’s emphases on hope for justice, nonviolence resistance, liberation and reconciliation.

The many resolutions that were overwhelmingly passed include:

  • Condemnation of the recent violence directed against Palestinians during the Great March of Return in Gaza;
  • A renewal of the church’s call for an end to the decade-old Israeli blockade of Gaza;
  • Opposition to U.S. federal and state laws designed to suppress Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) in support of Palestinian human rights;
  • A call to RE/MAX, LLC to do “everything within its legal and moral power” to stop facilitating the sale and rental of properties in Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian land;
  • A call for the use of diplomatic tools by the government of the United States to bring Israel into full compliance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by granting full equality to its citizens who are Palestinian, by “changing its laws, policies, and practices that favor its Jewish citizens and discriminate against its Christian and Muslim citizens and other ethnic minorities”;
  • Opposition to Israel’s illegal annexation of Jerusalem.

The resolutions passed following powerful support from local and visiting Palestinians, Black Lives Matter leaders, Friends of Sabeel North America, U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Equal Rights, American Muslims for Palestine, St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee, Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace, St. Louis Jewish Voice for Peace, National Christian Coalition Organizations in Palestine (NCCOP), Kairos Palestine and others.

Because of partners like you, we may be “hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” (2 Cor. 4:8-9)

Kairos Palestine

Palestinian woman shot dead during protest near Gaza fence

Palestinian health ministry reports Razan al-Najjar, 21, was shot by Israeli soldiers near Khan Yunis on Friday

Agence France-Presse writes in The Guardian on Friday 1st June 2018


STOP THE MASSACRE! FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE! An Appeal from World Student Christian Federation and the Palestine Youth Ecumenical Movement

Since March 30th, the people of Gaza have been exercising their right to protest by marching for the right to return to their homes. The homes from which they were forcefully expelled to make room for the state of Israel. (more…)

Statement on Gaza and Jerusalem, Sabeel-Kairos Palestine, 15th May 2018

” If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they” (Ecclesiastes 5:8)..


Sabeel-Kairos perspective on the current situation, Nakba Day, Tuesday 15th May 2018

This week has been a sad and difficult week for us Palestinians and for all of us who care deeply about our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.  The Great Return March, which has seen peaceful protests in Gaza with violent responses from the Israeli military, came into its seventh week. So far during the Great Return March more than 90 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces, with many thousands more injured. 


US ‘blocks UN motion’ calling for investigation into Israeli killing of Gaza protesters

Proposed UN Security Council statement expressed ‘outrage and sorrow’ at Israel’s shooting of Palestinian demonstrators and demanded ‘independent and transparent’ probe


Chris Baynes writes in The Independent Tuesday 15th May 2018


Israeli forces kill dozens of Palestinians in protests as US embassy opens in Jerusalem – as it happened

Follow latest developments as 52 Palestinians killed and hundreds wounded in protests in Gaza and West Bank over moving US embassy to Jerusalem


Follow live updates on the situation from The Guardian


Photo: Mohammed Saber/EPA

Death, division and denial as US embassy opens in Jerusalem

Trump applauds ‘a great day for Israel’ as hail of bullets kills dozens of Palestinian protestors


Simon Tisdall writes in The Guardian Monday 14th May 2018 (more…)

Order your ‘Nakba Doll’ today: The Fabric of Our Lives

Around 700,000 people fled their homes during the Nakba (Catastrophe).  Many are still living in refugee camps throughout the Middle East.  To commemorate those who fled and the villages that were destroyed in 1948 the YWCA of Palestine has sought out some of the women who escaped and documented their story in a project called ‘Fabric of Our Lives’, each represented by a unique doll.  Each of these ‘Nakba Dolls’, hand carved form Palestinian olive wood, is wearing a thob (Palestinian embroidered dress) that is traditional to one of the destroyed villages.  These dolls not only tell the story of displacement and dispossession through a female perspective they also provide employment opportunities for refugee women today who make the dolls.  Please help these women’s stories be heard and let these villages be remembered by buying a doll. 


The Palestinian People are Committed to Seeking Freedom

We are a collection of Palestinian groups and civil society organizations. We address our call to the Palestinian Authority, all Palestinian leaders, Israel, the American administration, the Arab states, the international community, and to all those of good will who support us in seeking our freedom and independence. We issue a call of peace and love, a strong call that stems from the strength of our belief in God, his righteousness and his love for all mankind, at a time when we see that the potential to achieve our cause, i.e. our demand for freedom and independence, is diminishing. The American administration has disregarded our history and our rights in Jerusalem, our city of our prayer and faith, and the capital of our state. Israel is determined to maintain its military occupation over us, particularly in the siege imposed on Gaza, and is supported by the American administration which says that it will present “the deal of the century” to us.

In response, the masses in Gaza are resorting to peace as an effective weapon by organizing peaceful marches in which thousands are taking part. These activities have been ongoing since Land Day on Friday March 30th. This weapon is what the Sabeel-Kairos “moment of truth” document called for to highlight steadfastness, resist the occupation, and demand our freedom: peace is the only weapon we can use to achieve this.

The power of this new weapon became apparent as Israel tried to transform it into violent confrontation by the use of violence in which they killed unarmed civilians and injured thousands. Nevertheless, the peaceful demonstrations have continued.

Israeli and American pressure on Arab countries has attempted to force the Palestinians to stop their peaceful demonstrations. For our part, and on the basis of our vision of faith and God’s love and righteousness for every human being, we urge all Palestinians to continue their peaceful march. Their lack of arms makes them strong as they seek life, freedom and equality. We call on the thousands to continue their peaceful marches in Gaza and in all West Bank regions.

We direct our call to the Palestinian leadership and tell them to be united. The search for freedom does not permit further divisions and splits. Let these demonstrations unite the hearts of all; let them unite those in charge in all factions and unite officials and the people.

We call on Israel and the American administration to respond positively to the call for peace disseminated by these peaceful marches. Rather than viewing them as a threat, they actually offer a way out of the crisis that we have reached with you. Heed the cries of the oppressed, of the people whose freedom you deny, and who were displaced from their land, villages and houses. Change your outlook: maintaining life is more beneficial than creating death.

The American administration says that it will present us with the ‘deal of the century, but by taking Jerusalem from its Palestinian people and placing it under Israeli sovereignty, it is making this deal the beginning of a fresh injustice.

Pressure is also increasing on Arab countries to force Palestinian leaders to accept the “deal of the century” with some modifications. Based on our rights and love for every human being, we say let the people declare the injustices they face until the conscience is stirred of all those in Israel and Palestine, and the world wakes up. We call on the Palestinian Authority to be strong and steadfast in the face of all pressure and solutions that create fresh injustice for the Palestinian people. In particular we state that we do not trust promises given by the strong. We know that the strong have not met their promises in the past and will not fulfill new promises in the future. The “deal of the century” should start with Israel and the American administration recognizing Palestinian inalienable rights. At that point, negotiations may start. Without this clear and binding condition, negotiations, promises and the deal of the century will be no more than a new means of maintaining injustice, depriving us of our freedom, and subjecting us to occupation and racist discrimination.

To Israel and the American administration we repeat that we are committed to our demand for freedom. Our only weapon is peace and your peaceful response is the only source of security for you. You may want to keep us in slavery but we will remain steadfast and say no to slavery. We are confident that the time will come when you recover your conscience, reinstate your human dignity, and look at the Palestinian people as human beings with whom can live in security, justice, peace and equality rather than people you seek to eradicate.

For however long it continues, injustice will burden your conscience one day after another. Your injustice against us and your own power will be the foundations of your defeat. Your ability to be righteous and to treat the Palestinian people fairly and with humanity will be your only salvation.

These facts require the following:

For Palestinians:

  • An immediate end to divisions and guaranteed support for a popular movement politically, economically, in the media, and diplomatically.
  • A clear Palestinian stand on refusing any concessions that infringe on Palestinian national rights, remaining firm in the face of political or economic pressure, and not believing any promises.
  • The Palestinian leadership and political forces should look for new and creative ways of struggle to achieve Palestinian rights intact. This is required in light of the failure of the peace negotiations, which reached an impasse due to Israeli intransigence and American partiality that protects and supports Israeli practices.

For Arabs:

  • Cease all pressure exerted on the Palestinian Authority to accept unfair American and Israeli proposals; stop all forms of normalization with Israel; refrain from providing a political cover for Israeli aggressive practices against the Palestinian people; and strengthen the BDS movement against the Israeli occupation.
  • Support the Palestinian struggle through ongoing massive demonstrations that reach a peak in the Nakba commemoration in mid-May.


  • Launch international initiatives and campaigns against racist Israeli practices that respond to Palestinian peace with violence and the killing of unarmed Palestinians in cold blood. Pressure should be exerted on Israel to desist from the use of violence and to enter a real path for peace.
  • A popular movement and media campaign to lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and refute President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Popular marches to be organized in support of the Palestinian people’s struggle. Such activities should reach a peak in mid-May to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the ongoing Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe).
  • Exert pressure on Western governments and states to break their silence and force Israel to respect international resolutions and treaties, end the occupation, and accept a just and final solution.

Despite the extensive power of the Israeli occupation, the political, military and economic support it receives from its donor countries, the killings, destruction, distortion, displacement, siege, starvation, and arrests, the Israeli occupation understands that it has not been able to break the Palestinian spirit rooted deeply in the land and history.

Palestinians are now besieging the occupation in a historic, cultural, ethical, moral and human sense and will be victorious.

We pray to God to guide all to the right path of peace that protects the humanity of man, a just peace and a final peace that liberates every human being from all evil within or against them.


Signed by:

– Sabeel-Kairos Palestine

– Diyar Consortium

– The YMCA/YWCA Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI)

– The National Christian Association (NCA), Jerusalem

– The East Jerusalem YMCA/HQ

– The East Jerusalem YMCA /Beit Sahour Branch

– The Arab Educational Institute AEI, Bethlehem

– Union of Arab Orthodox Club – Jerusalem

– Arab Orthodox Club – Beit Jala

– Arab Orthodox Club, Beit Sahour

– The Arab Orthodox Charitable Society, Beit Sahour

– Alternative Tourism Group (ATG), Palestine

-Al Qistas Forum for Dialogue and Concord- Gaza

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