Sabeel-Kairos Conference 2018: The Continuing Nakba

We missed the sunshine but not much else: Conference Summary

If you missed the Sabeel-Kairos Conference on Saturday the 30th June you really did miss out on a fantastic day – and if you were lucky enough to get a ticket to the sold out event, I bet you are still buzzing from what was a really great day!


‘Count on me’ by Chris Rose

Count on me


If you counted me
With those you killed
Then check your arithmetic

MC Gaza

فيديو كليب (كوشوك) مشاهد حية أثناء #جمعة_الكوشوك #مسيرة_العودة_الكبرى

فيديو كليب (كوشوك) مشاهد حية أثناء #جمعة_الكوشوك #مسيرة_العودة_الكبرى English Subtitles included … #GreatReturnMarch لمشاهدة الفيديو بجودة أعلى : إهداء إلى الصديق الحبيب الشهيد الصحفي : ياسر مرتجى ——————————————————————————أداء وكلمات : إبراهيم غنيم MC GAZA توزيع : رامي صالح هندسة صوتية : سمير البورنو تصوير : سامي شحادة تصوير جوي : أركان غريبمونتاج : فارس عبد المالك ترجمة : صالح عنبر – ميساء ضو شكر : الوكالة الوطنية للإعلام إستوديوهات أصايل للإنتاج الفني والإعلاني

Gepostet von Ibrahim Ghunaim – Mc Gaza am Montag, 9. April 2018

Take My Hand, Precious Lord

Review of Rev. Naim Ateek’s address to the Sabeel-Kairos Conference

The theme of Rev. Naim Ateek’s address to the Sabeel-Kairos Conference on the 30th of July at CMS House, Oxford, UK was taken from his recently published book, ‘A Palestinian Theology of Liberation’, (New York: Orbis Books,2017).


MRI Presentation by Phoebe Rison

Sabeel-Kairos Conference Oxford 30 June

Question Ceilidh!

The Question Ceilidh, run by Ryvka Barnard of War on Want, was a big hit with all our church activists:  energizing and enthusing the many of you that came to the session!


BDS presentation by Alys Estape (BNC)

The BDS movement today

Setting up and running local networks


if you are thinking of setting up a local group click here for the discussion notes on others who are trying to do the same in their areas


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