Kairos Palestine Christmas Alert 2018

Kairos Palestine is pleased to announce the Christmas Alert 2018!


This year the Christmas Alert sheds light on the importance of restoring a new hope for Palestine, the Middle East and the World. We need new light and hope to come from the hearts of all believers in the Christmas message to encourage churches around the world to act!


Let us all together spread the message of Palestinian Christians around the world!


Kairos Palestine Christmas Alert 2018

Taste, See & Tell: BFTA Fair Trade Tours

Fair Trade Tours In Palestine 

If you want your journey in Palestine to make a real and lasting difference to both people and the planet, it all starts with a simple choice – where do I go?


Review of Rev. Naim Ateek’s address to the Sabeel-Kairos Conference

The theme of Rev. Naim Ateek’s address to the Sabeel-Kairos Conference on the 30th of July at CMS House, Oxford, UK was taken from his recently published book, ‘A Palestinian Theology of Liberation’, (New York: Orbis Books,2017).


MRI Presentation by Phoebe Rison

Sabeel-Kairos Conference Oxford 30 June

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Israel rejects U.N. report on companies linked to settlements

GENEVA (Reuters) – The United Nations human rights office said on Wednesday it had identified 206 companies doing business linked to unlawful Israeli settlements in the West Bank and it urged them to avoid any complicity in “pervasive” violations against Palestinians.


Stephanie Nebehay writes for Reuters on Wednesday 31st January 2018



Women of Palestine- The Ongoing Nakba, 4th March, Uppermill (Oldham)

MPs support motion reaffirming illegality of Israeli settlements

Following a debate in Parliament on Thursday last week, MPs have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion that reaffirms the illegality of Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory and calls for Israel to halt all construction. (more…)

John Metson

Sabeel-Kairos Campaign – 2017

Obama’s last gasp on Palestine-Israel

Speculation is rife that the Obama administration in a last gasp effort may work to open up spaces that set parameters for a future solution.


The WCC affirms commitment to finding a solution to the conflict

The World Council of Churches, meeting in Trondheim on 22nd-28th June 2016, has issued a powerful statement about the situation in Israel/Palestine.


The facade of Israel is cracking

For many more years than any intelligent person would want to count, Israel was the sacred cow of the United States. From its violent, bloody, genocidal inception that involved the ethnic cleansing of at least 750,000 Palestinians, and the murder of another 10,000, right through to the illegal, immoral occupation of the West Bank and blockade (aka occupation) of the Gaza Strip, Israel, in the view of U.S. governance and politics, could do no wrong.


Ancient ports

Our last day in the Holy Land. Yet still the day was packed with activity.

Checking out of the Restal Hotel in Tiberius went very smoothly. We were on the coach and away by 8am. Our first stop was the ancient Roman port of Caesarea on the Mediterranean coast. After all the wonderful weather, today was rather overcast and windy. We saw a film about Caesarea Philippi, which included some animation on how it all might have looked. Then outside to see the hippodrome where chariots would have raced and gladiators fought. We were able to wander through the ancient buildings and walk over the mosaics. Fascinating.


Then back in the coach to Jaffa, or Joppa as it was called in the Bible. Here Solomon imported huge timbers for the temple, Jonah sailed for Nineveh, and Peter stayed with Simon the tanner when he met Cornelius and converted him. Saladin, Napoleon, and the British attacked and conquered Jaffa, and still it stands. Many Israeli arabs live in Jaffa, but it is increasingly surrounded by apartment blocks which are a feature of Tel Aviv.


We had a splendid lunch then, before heading for the airport.

Security at Ben Gurion is always extremely tight. We arrived four hours before our flight. The group waited a while and was then directed into a “lane”. One of the senior security staff came over to quiz our leader about where we had been and what we had done. As we were on a Christian pilgrimage and most of the people were from a single church, we were quickly through security. Checking and and passport checks were routine, so we had quite a while to wait in the departure lounge. The Easyjet flight was fine and we landed at 11:15pm. Our coach was waiting and brought us back to Crowthorne, exhausted but filled with all the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the Holy Land.


The closing prayer from our Eucharist yesterday seems appropriate as the closing prayer for this blog:


Blessed God,
help us, whom you have fed and satisfied in this eucharist,
to hunger and thirst for what is right;

help us, who have rejoiced and been glad,
to stand with those who are persecuted and reviled;

help us, who here have glimpsed the life of heaven,
to strive for the cause of right and for the coming of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.


Following Jesus in Galilee

We set off at 7:45am this morning(!) and headed for the lakeside. We boarded a boat to take us out onto the Sea of Galilee. (more…)

Where it all started

Close to Nazareth we find Tzipori National Park. This is said to be some of the best Roman ruins in the world. (more…)

Travelling north

After five days packed with activity, it is time to leave Bethlehem and to head north. (more…)

Meeting Sabeel-Kairos Palestine

We were so fortunate to have Mrs Hind Khoury, General Secretary of Sabeel-Kairos Palestine to speak to us this evening in Bethlehem. (more…)

Making bricks without straw

An early start this morning (8am), but fabulous weather and scenery as we drive down from the heights of Jerusalem to the lowest inhabited place on earth – Jericho. (more…)

Hearing different narratives

We were grateful for a later and more leisurely start to the day, as we gathered to walk the short distance from our guest house to the Christmas Church in central Bethlehem. (more…)

Jesus wept when he saw Jerusalem

We had a very early start, leaving our hotel at 8am. Today was the opportunity to visit some of the key Christian sites in Jerusalem. Thankfully, it was a warm sunny day, with little wind and blue skies – perfect. (more…)

Arrival in Bethlehem

We gathered at the Church at 5:15am in darkness. Everyone was there, all 26 excited to be starting on our adventure. (more…)


Our aim of Zaytoun is to create and develop a UK market for artisanal Palestinian produce.


Zaytoun organises olive harvest tours and olive picking trips in October/November.

Back to the Holy Land

A group of people from St Johns Church in Crowthorne are going to The Holy Land on 12th-21st February 2016. The trip is being organised by Worldwide Christian Travel and led by Embrace the Middle East. (more…)

Membership survey results

Many thanks to those of you that completed our members survey in the summer. We collected over 180 responses from members of Sabeel-Kairos and Friends of Sabeel UK. Here is a snapshot of some of the results – and information about where we go from here.  (more…)

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