‘Count on me’ by Chris Rose

Count on me


If you counted me
With those you killed
Then check your arithmetic

I am not there
I am not even gone
I have 3 million hits on u-tube
Thousands walked the streets for me
There are candles burning
From Beirut to Beijing
From Cape Town to Calgary

Each time the sniper bullet bites
Each time the drones destroy
Each time stories emerge
Of soldiers murdering the defenceless
I will return
I will haunt your occupation
And show you for what you are

I did not choose to die

To become a martyr
You did that to me.
I wanted
A chance
An opportunity

To live
You gave me none

My weapon was to march
To walk to your fence
Toward your wall
And to be killed
By you
So that one day we may live.


52 people were murdered in Gaza by the IDF as they marched to protest the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem and to call for their right to return.


© Chris Rose

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