Question Ceilidh!

The Question Ceilidh, run by Ryvka Barnard of War on Want, was a big hit with all our church activists:  energizing and enthusing the many of you that came to the session!

If you would like to have a go at running this exercise to give your local church group some confidence in responding to challenging questions, we have included the questions we used below:



Why are you targeting Israel and not other countries (Who also have human rights abuses)?



Are you not teaching hate?  Why not talk to each other/ engage in dialogue?



The churches would never do this, it’s too difficult?



We are a church based on religion, we don’t get involved in politics!



Isn’t it best to leave it to the experts to make investment decisions?



How is this going to improve Palestinian rights?



Are we also going to target the Palestinians or Hamas?



It’s going to cost us too much money to do this- it will harm our pensions and our assets!?


Why are you focusing on churches?



Is this campaign anti-semitic?



Should we not promote peace-building and communities coming together instead of continued conflict?



Don’t Palestinians benefit from these companies and the jobs they create?



Why should the churches be concerned with Palestine- isn’t that a Muslim issue? 




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