Setting up and running local networks


if you are thinking of setting up a local group click here for the discussion notes on others who are trying to do the same in their areas

Notes from our conversation, focused on questions from participants

  1. How do we start when you are one individual, or just a few people in a large area?
    1. Don’t feel you need to set up something big. 2-3 people is a good start
    2. Ask the Sabeel-Kairos office for the names and contact details of others in your area (data protection permitting)
    3. Looking together at the Kairos Time for Action booklet, “A Moment of truth” may be a good start, to consider if there are steps to take
    4. Every context is different – don’t try to copy what’s happening somewhere else, do what’s right where you are
    5. Link with others in your area / region for support where you can.
    6. Be pleased with, and celebrate small steps – when the steps join together, we are all moving forwards
  2. How do we gain access into churches? How realistic is it to find a 5-10 mins slot in churches?
    1. Start with churches and individuals who may be sympathetic – don’t try first to tackle the most challenging Zionist churches and groups.
    2. Find sympathetic individual in a church, and gain access through them rather than going through leaders and structures.
    3. Use existing events within the church diary eg midweek meeting looking for a speaker, prayer for Bethlehem during advent, rather than starting with the main Sunday service
  3. How do we handle Zionist churches? How do we handle the anti-Semitic rows?
    1. Zionist interruption in meetings – attempt to contain / limit it. Eg in large group, break into smaller groups for conversation and ask for one comment from each group.
    2. We didn’t have an answer on how to handle Zionist groups who come planning to disrupt, and strategically position themselves around the room – any ideas anyone?!
  4. What do we do in our groups to be active?
    1. Share food and social time

Respond to the skills and interests of members of the group

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