48 years of occupation: It must end

It will soon be 50 years of Israeli occupation. But with a right wing government in power, the hopes of it ending seem rather remote for the time being unless something miraculous happens.

As B’tselem puts it: “Israel’s government does not believe the occupation must end. We do.” B’tselem is not convinced that this is temporary because 48 years is hardly temporary.

On the Palestinian side, Saeb Erakat says: “We will continue to halt any attempts by Israel to erase and bury Palestinian national identity by prolonging its occupation of our land. The world is accountable for the ongoing crimes committed against our people.

Indeed, the international community must accept accountability. What is happening in Palestine is catastrophic. The silence and inaction of the world is deafening and hard to understand. How many more years will we tolerate a reality in which millions of people cannot take part in deciding their future and cannot vote for the institutions that rule their lives; when thousands see nothing but prison walls without justification and for endless years; when children at play get killed, arrested and tortured; when houses are demolished at will for no ostensible reason, when land is stolen right in front of one’s own eyes just to make way for a settlement; when one’s right to religion is trampled over as if it did not really matter to anyone, and much more.

But as people of faith we believe that righteousness and justice will prevail. But after 48 years of an unceasing and brutal occupation, many Palestinians ask: When O Lord and how?


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