5 Palestinian children killed in last 3 days as violence spirals out of control

October 13th, 2015.


The news reports filling out screens and social media feeds are as shocking as they are terrifying as the rule of law breaks down across East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


On Monday 12th Oct Defence for Children International reported that five Palestinian children died at the hands of Israeli forces in separate incidents across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip over the past three days. On Friday 6 Palestinians were shot dead and over 140 injured by Israel forces during protests in Gaza. In total 27 Palestinians and 4 Israelis have been killed since October 1st.


A graphic video showing an injured boy, believed to have attacked a young Israeli settler, was uploaded to social media by an Israeli passerby, in which an Israeli onlooker can clearly be heard saying: “Die, son of a b***h!” while another tells police to “give” the boy, who is clearly in pain, “one in the head,” several times. Please be warned that this video contains distressing images.


Jeremy Moodey, CEO of Sabeel-Kairos partner Embrace the Middle East writes the following:


“A few days before I travel to Israel and Palestine, the violence just seems to be getting worse. The new phenomenon is what appears to be extra-judicial executions, or attempted executions, by the Israeli forces, emboldened by a new ‘shoot-to-kill’ directive from on high. This is not self-defence by any definition. The video at the end of the news story below – and the news reports of what passers by did or did not do – is (WARNING) graphic and shocking even if the stabbing attack that provoked it is also to be utterly deplored. Sami El Yousef, a Palestinian Christian based in Jerusalem with the Pontifical Mission has written powerfully on Facebook today:


“Humanity was lost today on the streets of Jerusalem as heavily armed police conducted extra-judicial executions against Palestinian youth and children as they were coming out of school. Watching some of the footage made me sick to my stomach. Ambulances pass by and offer no assistance, paramedics watch kids bleeding to death and stand by. Politicians spread more venomous statements to kill in the name of security. Is this the democracy and rule of law it prides itself with? Israel should look in the mirror and see the great monster it is turning out to be and be ashamed of its behaviour. I pray for the return of sanity and humanity to our streets and neighbourhoods. The world needs to intervene to stop this madness. Enough is enough.”


Archbishop Atallah Hanna has also spoken out about the atrocities, saying that Christians and Muslims are united against Israel’s apartheid policies.


Hanna, along with a delegation of Christian clergy, visited Jerusalem hospitals to keep tabs on the health condition of the wounded Palestinians, wishing them a swift recovery.

You can read more news on the serious wounding of a Palestinian schoolgirl and other tragic deaths over the last fews days here on the International Middle East Media Centre website.


We will update this page as often as we can over the coming days.



The Palestine Solidarity Campaign have organised a protest outside the Israeli Embassy (Kensington High Street, W8 5NP
London) on Saturday 17th October from 12-2pm.


You can find all the details here on the Facebook event page or on the website here.




Please take a minute to write to your MP via the Palestine Solidarity Campaign website and ask Philip Hammond to end the UK’s complicity with Israeli occupation and call for sanctions.


More information can be found at: http://act.palestinecampaign.org/lobby/140


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