A statement by Palestinian associations and institutions in Europe

Palestinians in Europe against “French initiative” – In defense of Palestinian right of return.


We, the undersigned Palestinian organizations and associations in Europe, declare our categorical rejection of the so-called “French initiative for peace” being proposed as a final solution of the Arab-Zionist conflict, being marketed in the region by some European powers and official Arab and Palestinian parties.
This initiative lacks political credibility or moral legitimacy, and comes in the context of the systematic destruction of the Palestinian national cause and all of its national institutions, deliberately avoiding its essence, that of justice and national rights for a people who suffer, over half of them in exile and the other half under the bayonets of racist settler colonialism.

We emphasize the need to continue the struggle to confront and thwart any political initiative, whether international or regional, that disregards the rights of the Palestinian people to freedom, return, and full sovereignty and independence. We cannot abandon our people or barter their legitimate national rights, for which such great sacrifices were made to preserve and protect these rights by hundreds of thousands of martyrs, prisoners and the wounded.

The rejection of the French initiative is the natural expression of the position of our people in Palestine and everywhere they are located, who have carried on a popular uprising for nearly six months, and are struggling to circumvent and end the siege upon them.

The Palestinian people are demanding the achievement of national unity and its implementation in reality to confront the Zionist entity and its racist and eliminationist policies that target the entire Arab and Palestinian land and the entire Palestinian Arab people. This is an authentic popular demand that expresses our people’s awareness of the dangers that threaten their collective rights and national cause.
The Palestinian Arab people, who are preparing to mark the anniversary of 100 years of resistance to colonialism and Zionism, cannot accept the French initiative, which aims to preempt popular resistance and action, and aims to continue the absurd path of negotiations, granting the Zionist entity more time to continue its policy of settlements, assassinations, arrests, siege, and racism, against the daily life of the Palestinian masses in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and occupied Jerusalem.

We reject this French initiative which includes the recognition of the legitimacy of the Zionist entity in the land of Palestine, and the recognition of the so-called “Jewish character of the state of Israel,” a Palestinian mini-state denied sovereignty or the right to arm itself, and writes off the right of return and real independence, which places the existence of our people at risk of further liquidation both inside and outside Palestine.

The French state, which has a long history of colonialism and hegemony, and provides arms, expertise, technology and capital to the Zionist entity, and criminalizes activists and the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, and continues to imprison the internationalist Arab struggler Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, cannot be considered an honest broker in any peace operation in the region.

We call on the masses of the Palestinian people to declare their rejection of this French initiative, by signing on to this statement by emailing , as well as by participating in and organizing public events to mark the anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba on 15 May, and through continuation of resistance and struggle until we achieve return, liberation, equality and the establishment of a Palestinian democratic state with full sovereignty on the entire land of Palestine.

Finally, we call on the national and Islamic forces to announce a clear and explicit position on the French initiative that firmly adheres to the rights of our people. This initiative aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause, deepen the Palestinian internal crisis, and liquidate our constants and national rights.
No to the dangerous French initiative

Yes to the continued struggle for return, liberation and justice

Initiating signatories: (Join by e-mail to )

Democratic Palestine Committees – Germany
Al-Karmel Society – Germany
Democratic Social Platform – Germany
Handala Palestinian Cultural Forum – Austria
Arab Palestinian Democratic Union – Italy
Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network – Europe

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