Analysis: Palestinians want 1967 lands to be put under UN protection

Samer B. Jaber is the chosen spokesperson for a group of who have come together to deliver a message during the current wave of upheaval across Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territory. They are professional and trade union figures, intellectuals, and political activists are appealing to the Palestinian leadership within the Palestine Liberation Organization and outside of it, to call on the United Nation and the permanent members of the Security Council to put the Palestine territory occupied by Israel in 1967 under the international protection of the United Nations.

This call comes after two decades negotiations between the leadership of the PLO and successive Israeli occupation governments. These negotiations have not been able to achieve the rights of the Palestinian people to return to the homes from which they were displaced and to self-determination. The goal of this initiative is to provide an exit strategy from the arrangement in which the balance of power is tipped entirely in favor of the occupying state, thereby giving it the opportunity to impose its policy of fait accompli.


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