Call for Australian boycott of settlement goods

“Illegal settlements are unilateral Israeli land-grabs that now control nearly half of the Palestinian West Bank,”
So said Rev Gregor Henderson of the Uniting Church of Australia, co-convener of the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network.

“To buy or sell goods made in these settlements is to support the military occupation of Palestine…Palestinian Christians have been clear – as the effect of the occupation gets worse every year, they ask for our practical support. They seek not only words but also actions, including through boycotts.”The boycott call comes in the wake of a Human Rights Watch report that revealed exploitative child labour conditions in many settlement farms, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.


The initial focus of the campaign is on the Australian distribution and sale of dates imported into Australia from growers and processors in the illegal Israeli settlements. “We are calling on Australians not to buy goods from these illegal settlements and we are asking Australian businesses not to trade with these illegal settlements and sell their products,” Rev Henderson said. “We know that dates being grown on stolen land are being sold in Australia”, said Rev Henderson.
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