Breast cancer is bad enough – imagine enduring it in Gaza

Philippa Whitford, writing in the guardian on 18 May says:

My return to the territory as a cancer surgeon revealed women struggling to access vital treatment. And the international community has turned away.

Twenty-five years ago, during the first intifada, Philippa was working as a volunteer surgeon with Medical Aid for Palestinians in al-Ahli hospital in Gaza when the Madrid peace conference led to the Oslo agreement and the supposed roadmap to peace between Israel and Palestine.

She returned to Palestine a few weeks ago in her capacity as a breast cancer surgeon.

As well as assisting at clinics, performing operations and running teaching workshops in east Jerusalem, she visited Gaza to assess the challenges faced by cancer patients there. I found a population running desperately low on resilience and hope for the future, who feel forgotten by the international community.

Click here for the full story in theguardian.

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