Clerics launch ‘Jerusalem Capital of the World’ campaign

Palestinian Muslim and Christian religious clerics and officials launched a campaign aimed at bolstering Muslim and Christian claims over occupied East Jerusalem. They hope the campaign, “Jerusalem Capital of the World 2016,” will raise international awareness of Palestinian Muslim and Christian heritage in the occupied city, and also annul Israeli claims that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the state of Israel.


“Let the year 2016 be an international year of solidarity with Jerusalem. We are one nation on this land, which we all love and give sacrifices for,” said Sheikh Sabri, at the conference held to launch the campaign. He added, “The connection between Muslims and Christians on this land is based on justice, love and tolerance and rejection to any aspect of injustice and aggression.”


Archbishop Hanna said:

“We express solidarity with every oppressed person in the world, as injustice practiced by humans to their brothers in humanity can never be justified no matter what the pretexts are.”

Click here for the full story in Ma’an News

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