Election Day today

Today is a very important day for Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. As a democratic country, one might expect that all people over 18 would be able to vote. However. although Israel claims the whole of “Greater Israel” and the government make laws affecting this area, some 2.5 million people are not entitled to vote. Only a minority of Palestinians have Israeli citizenship – those in Gaza and the West Bank get no say in the election.


The Israeli government must be accountable in some way to the voters that it rules. But it sees itself as completely unaccountable to those it rules without the right to vote. Therefore, the government that will come to power as a result of Tuesday’s elections – like all governments since 1967 – is far freer to determine the fate of all the Palestinians living in these lands than it is to determine the future of Israelis with the right to vote. With each election that passes, the government’s abuses of those without the right to vote grow stronger, because the large majority of Israeli voters choose in these democratic elections to let the abuses grow stronger.”

Quote from Haaretz today (17th March 2015)

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