France takes the initiative with a new UN Resolution

The stalemate in the peace process has prompted France to initiate a new UN resolution with a stringent deadline. Some of these may be seen as contentious because the ideas floated by France does not set a date for an end to the occupation. No does it refer categorically accept the right to return as demanded by Palestinians. The resolution might only offer compensation to those who were dispossessed by Israel of their lands. It remains to be seen how much support the proposal will gain and whether the time frame can be achieved. France has cautioned Israel and the Palestinians against the stalemate in the peace process saying it can set the conflict “ablaze”. In similar vein, President Obama has stated that the United States is taking a hard look at its approach to the conflict. Referring to simmering tensions in Occupied Palestine he was pessimistic and saw “a very difficult path forward”. Obama’s statement two years ago on the peace process is important to recall: “Palestinians deserve an end to the occupation and the daily indignities that come with it; they deserve to live in an independent, sovereign state where they can give their children a life of dignity and opportunity”.

Meanwhile the situation in Gaza plunges downwards. The Gaza Chamber of Commerce opines that the blockade, now in its ninth year, has heaped the worst economic conditions on the people of the enclave in history. Over one million Gazans have no daily income today and ‘extreme poverty’ affects 21 percent of the population.

The situation in Gaza has not escaped serious notice. Alert citizens groups have now organized a new flotilla to break the siege in Gaza with relief supplies. Those on board the three ships that have set sail from Mediterranean ports to Gaza include a former Tunisian president, athletes, academicians, parliamentarians, diplomats and journalists, and a Catholic nun. The outcome of their attempt will be watched with keen anticipation especially because of previous botched attempts.

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