Gaza’s traditional handicrafts fight back

Soft Hands”, an exhibition held at the Stars Entertainment Centre by the beach in Gaza City, has been showcasing the traditional crafts and arts of the Palestinian people, many of whom rely on these traditional handicrafts to make a living and preserve their culture and identity.

Yara Al-Kafarneh, the exhibition’s coordinator and head of public relations, told MEMO that the exhibition aimed to promote a large segment of Gazan society, especially women looking to make a living in order to provide for their families. The exhibition is a place for them to exhibit their products and crafts, which vary from traditional embroidery, clothing, eastern and western foods, and also some imported clothing.

These exhibitions, along with other fairs that provide platforms for Gazans to showcase their crafts, are held to promote the culture of traditional Palestinian embroidery and arts. According to the organizers, these traditions are fighting to survive against Western notions of fashion and clothes that are currently predominant in Gazan society.

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