If you shoot someone in Gaza, its cool, no big deal

Gordon-Neve-243x366Neve Gordon’s book “The Day After” is reviewed in LRB Online.


Neve Gordon is a professor of Politics and Government at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He served as an IDF paratrooper and suffered injuries in action. In this book he draws on first hand accounts from 70 Israeli soldiers on how they were briefed before Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last year. Leaflets were dropped on Palestinian towns and villages telling them to evacuate their homes. Anyone who remained was considered a legitimate target.


The soldiers were told

“if you spot someone, shoot – there are no uninvolved civilians.”

The interviews provide a chilling of the process of systematic dehumanisation of Palestinians. Some soldiers felt that they should not deface the houses, but they were followed by bulldozers so it did’nt matter what they did to people’s homes.

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