International response to the unrest in Israel

The recent increase in violence in Israel and the West Bank has created  an international wave of action in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.


People of conscience who want to stand with the Palestinian struggle have been urged to take action and develop Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions efforts over the past weekend. This was aimed at showing  Palestinians that they are not alone.

The ongoing, youth-led Palestinian uprising is a response to Israel’s intensifying ethnic cleansing and oppression of Palestinians, especially in occupied Jerusalem. In recent months, Israel has sped up its theft of Palestinian land and demolition of Palestinians homes, stepped up its racist attacks on the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, tightened the siege on Gaza and implemented new racist measures against Palestinian citizens of Israel.


An effective international response is intended to pressure governments, institutions and corporations to end their role in Israel’s crimes.


The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), which leads the global BDS movement, is a broad coalition of Palestinian unions and organisations, many of which are involved in popular resistance.


Action suggested by the BDS Movement were:-


  • Calls for a military embargo and other sanctions against Israel at all protests and creative direct actions.
  • Maximising the benefit of solidarity protests by calling for BDS campaigns in all fields to further isolate Israel’s regime of occupation and apartheid, as was done to apartheid South Africa.
  • Campaigning against complicit international companies, such as G4S and HP, and Israeli companies, such as Elbit Systems, that participate in Israel’s infrastructure of oppression.
  • Organising events, teach-ins, creative actions and occupations to educate about Palestinian rights through involvement in BDS campaigning.

Did you organise a protest in your town or city? The BDS Movement are asking people to let them know about what you did by filling out this form. They will be posting the details of all of the actions taking place across the world on their website at in the coming few days.

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