Israel Bans Palestinian Exports

The Israeli Ministry of Defence announced a ban on Palestinians exporting their agricultural fresh produce via Jordan earlier this month.

Palestinians will be banned from exporting internationally, being a direct breach with the Paris Protocol and WTO regulations. The ban applies to all agricultural fresh produce including fruits, vegetables, dates, olives and olive oil. A week earlier the Israeli Ministry of Defence ordered to stop all agricultural fresh produce from the West Bank from entering the Israeli market.
These announced sanctions come in a critical time, in the peak of agricultural export season, just before Ramadan, and serve as a stark reminder of the control exercised by Israel over the Palestinian economy as part of the nearly 53-year Israeli military occupation. In 2019 Palestinian farmers and exporters exported a total of 502 million NIS (133 million euro) of agricultural products. Agricultural products constitute almost a third of Palestinian exports, with olive oil, dates, herbs, fresh vegetables and processed food being the primary exports. However, restrictions imposed on the Palestinian economy by the Government of Israel, many of them in clear violation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Human Rights Law (IHRL), continue to constrain agricultural input supply, production, integration of market systems, and export.

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