Israel cannot shirk its responsibility for Gaza’s electricity crisis

Gaza’s electricity crisis, a source of great hardship to over a million and a half Palestinians, has grown worse in the past couple weeks, so that residents now get power for just three to four hours out of every twenty-four.

The reduced power supply is partly the result of the trouble that Gaza’s electric authority has in purchasing enough diesel to run the power station, due to a financial dispute between the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip over payment of fuel taxes imposed by Israel.

This dispute may soon be resolved, but the present crisis is simply an extreme version of the ongoing situation in the Gaza Strip, where residents have not had a consistent power supply for years, and lengthy blackouts are a daily occurrence. Therefore, even if the current dispute between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is resolved, Gaza residents will remain without access to a regular supply of electricity, a basic right that is considered a given, certainly in developed twenty-first century countries.

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