Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t got an ‘antisemitism problem’. His opponents do.

The Institute for Jewish Policy Research has lamented
‘the hyperbole, bias and conjecture that litter public discourse’
on antisemitism. The allegations of widespread or increasing antisemitism in the Labour party offer ample evidence of all three.

They are based on wild generalisations from a small number of cases, most of which have themselves been misrepresented, either to fabricate antisemitism where none exists; to unfairly taint Corbyn and his supporters by association; or simply gratuitously, one presumes out of habit.
But while sensationalist and sloppy journalism has abetted the propagation of these falsehoods, the accusations have snowballed because they serve, and are being opportunistically seized upon to advance, real political interests. Briefly stated, the taboo against anti-semitism is being exploited by three distinct, but overlapping, groups:
  • the Right, which hopes to attack Labour while directing attention away from the Conservative Party’s internal tensions and unpopular policies;
  • pro-Israel activists, who hope to unseat a prominent critic of Israel and to discredit Palestine solidarity activism;
  • and the Labour Right, which hopes to weaken a popular movement that has, suddenly and quite unexpectedly, wrested from it control of the party.”
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