Jeremy Corbyn speaks about Israel and Palestine

Jeremy Corbyn, elected as leader of the UK Labour party today (12th September), spoke to Asa Winstanley about Israel and Palestine.

He said that he would impose a two-way arms embargo on Israel if he were to become prime minister in 2020.


In an interview with The Electronic Intifada, the member of parliament for Islington, in central London, endorsed key elements of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.


Corbyn is a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and is well known as an active supporter of Palestinian rights.


He told The Electronic Intifada his involvement in the movement took off after he entered parliament in 1983. He has visited Palestine nine times, as well as refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria.


Corbyn emphasized that the Palestinian right to return was “the key” to a solution.


He added that Israeli universities involved in arms research should be boycotted.


“I think we have to push robustly for the limitation of arms supplies,” Corbyn said, adding that he believed Israel to be “in breach” of the human rights clauses of the EU-Israel trade agreement.


“Israel is after all facing an investigation … for war crimes, as indeed are the Hamas forces on a much different or lesser scale,” Corbyn said. “I think we should be very cautious about supplying arms in those circumstances.”


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