Sabeel-Kairos Authors contribute to a Palestinian Theology of resistance at Council for World Mission Conference

Sabeel-Kairos Authors at the conference “Mission in the Context of Empire: A Call for Global Theological Resistance for Palestine” gave a powerful and compelling argument for all Christians and all Churches to act concretely in support of the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.


Rev. Mitri Raheb gave a conclusive summary of what means Empire today, especially in the context of the Empire in Palestine and summing up what that means for a theology of resistance. Fr. Jamal Khader pointed out special theological aspects, which they developed during the evolution of the Sabeel-Kairos Document. Dr. Munther Isaac, vice dean of Bethlehem Bible College, addressed the issue of Land in the context of Empire and presented his approach of a Biblical Theology of Land in Palestine. Rifat Kassis talked about theological reflections on the special case of Palestinian children, caught in in the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The Global Sabeel-Kairos movement was represented by Prof. Ulrich Duchow, a theologian from University of Heidelberg, Germany and member of Sabeel-Kairos Europe and Sabeel-Kairos Germany, reflecting theology related to the political economy of Palestine.


For more information on the conference and speakers, please visit the Sabeel-Kairos Palestine website

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