Kairos Palestine Easter Alert 2020

Kairos Palestine have released their 2020 Easter Alert. This years alert comes from Bethlehem in lockdown. In this alert we hear of the deteriorating situation in Palestine this Easter. It is hoped that this alert will encourage Parishes, lay-persons and clergy all around the world to remember this season that marks the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Our land awaits those who, together, create this new day again, so we may
truly rejoice and be glad in the land of the Resurrection. As we celebrate
Easter today, we look to our extended family in all the Churches around the
world, celebrating the joy of the Resurrection. We ask you to pray for us,
so that the foresights of the prophets may come true and our land become
a land of salvation and Resurrection for its people and for all the peoples
of the earth.”
– Patriarch Michel Sabbah
The alert focuses on a different issue on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, highlighting the deep impact of the Israeli occupation which affects all aspects of life. This year there is a focus on the infamous ‘deal of the century’ and its implications.
You can download your copy of the Easter Alert here.

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