Lucy Talgieh honored for outstanding women’s rights work in Palestine

The Independent Commission for Human Rights in Palestine honoured Lucy Talgieh as a Human Rights activist on March 8th, International Women’s Day, 2016. This honor came in recognition for the work that she does with the Wiam Palestinian Conflict Resolution and Transformation Centre. where she is currently the Women’s Project Coordinator.

Lucy is an active network partner of the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum. Her current work focuses on human rights and gender. She has accompanied female victims of human rights abuses and has worked on advocacy related to their cases.

Lucy Talgieh has been cooperating with peace- and women’s organizations since 2007. She has also played a key role in organizing a series of seminars and workshops in the spirit of UNSCR 1325. As a member in different networks and coalitions at national and regional level advocating for women’s rights and issues mainly in the areas of gender based violence, domestic violence, building strategies and developing polices to promote and protect women’s rights, Lucy has been instrumental in raising awareness to change community culture, attitudes and beliefs. She also focuses on issues pertaining to women and the law and insists that women rights must fall within the scope of human rights and as an integral part of the wider discourse on human rights.

Lucy sees this award not as a matter for mere celebration. It reminds her that there is so much more to be done and she pledges to now intensify her work in many areas of women’s rights.


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