#OpenGaza: 10 years of the illegal Gaza Blockade

As we mark 10 years of the Gaza blockade the international community cries out for immediate action to end the suffering in Gaza and prevent a looming humanitarian disaster. 

There have been several reports, graphics and information released this week as we commiserate 10 years of the Gaza blockade and its disastrous effect on the 1.8 million Palestinian living there.


AIDA have produced the following infographic which clearly outlines the humanitarian crisis facing Gaza today.


Amnesty International USA have produced a report on what they term the ‘looming humanitarian catastrophe’.


UN experts have also been warning that the latest power cuts are causing the humanitarian crisis to deteriorate in unprecedented terms, and that the situation was getting worse ‘every week’.


And it’s not only the blockade causing suffering this week, as Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas asked Israel to cut the electricity supply to put pressure on his political rivals in Hamas. The Israeli cabinet decided to accept Mr Abbas’s decision and begin scaling back power, despite the humanitarian impact on Gazans and concerns the cuts might spark another war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.


As well as reading the news, you can also view our Gaza photo gallery to see what life in Gaza is really like, and how Christian organisations are seeking to help people be resilient and cope with life under siege.

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