Palestine awarded full membership in the Permanent Court of Arbitration

On Monday, Palestine was awarded a full membership in the Permanent Court of Arbitration, after 57 countries votes in favour, 24 abstained and zero voted against. The Palestinian application was filed in January 2015, officially requesting membership with the International Court of Arbitration, but the United States led a strong opposition, and managed to get the court’s leadership to postpone the vote, until a special committee reviewed the application


The United States, Canada and Israel strongly opposed the move, and presented a number of proposals that were meant to obstruct the vote under various “justifications,” including the claim that membership with this court requires a full membership with the United Nations. Those claims were rejected and a majority of countries affirmed the Palestinian right to become a member with the court.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said that countries around the world strongly supported a vote on the matter, despite the fact that it is the first time since this court was established, a country is recognized as a member by voting.
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