Palestinian Knesset members: Israeli expulsion law violates rules of democracy

Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, acquired a draconian new power last week: With a three-quarters majority of its members, it can now expel an elected politician if their views are found unacceptable.

Adalah, a law centre, which represents Palestinian citizen’s interests, stated that the expulsion law is unprecedented in democratic practice anywhere in the world. It is approved exclusively to severely restrict Palestinian minority rights in Israel’s and curb opposition. Yet others believe that the move seeks to “empty the Knesset of its Palestinian parties.” The four Palestinian parties in the parliament, collectivised in a coalition called the ‘Joint List’ are contesting this law. One of them said in cryptic fashion: We are “MKs on probation”. Prime Minister Netanyahu posted on social media:

“Those who support terrorism against Israel and its citizens will not serve in the Israeli Knesset.”

The alleged provocation for the law was supposedly was a speech made by Haneen Zoabi in the Knesset on the Israeli government’s reconciliation pact with Turkey. She had referred to the “murder” of 10 humanitarian activists by Israeli commandos in 2010 when the Israeli navy attacked an aid flotilla.Netanyahu spearheaded the legislation in February after Zoabi and her two Balad colleagues vowed to put pressure on the government to return the bodies for burial.
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Photo: Ronan Zvulun/Reuters

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