Palestinian Solidarity Campaign Understanding Apartheid Webinar Series

Since its foundation, Israel has built and maintained a system of institutionalised racist discrimination against all parts of the Palestinian people, whether living under occupation, in Israel, or as refugees in exile.

Under international law, there’s a crime that describes this system of oppression. The crime of apartheid.

Join Palestinian speakers, including renowned lawyer and analyst Diana Buttu, member of the Knesset Sami Abu Shehadeh and Director of Social and Economic Rights at Adalah Sawsan Zaher, at a weekly series of webinars throughout October to analyse how Israel’s practices meet the legal definition of apartheid.

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There is a continuing resistance within mainstream political discourse to using the label “apartheid” to describe what is happening in Palestine. This series of webinars will explain why the label is accurate. 

But its not enough to just analyse. The sessions will also discuss how we move from Israel’s system of apartheid, to a future of freedom, justice and equality in which the human rights of all are granted and respected.

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