Sabeel-Kairos perspective on the current situation, Nakba Day, Tuesday 15th May 2018

This week has been a sad and difficult week for us Palestinians and for all of us who care deeply about our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.  The Great Return March, which has seen peaceful protests in Gaza with violent responses from the Israeli military, came into its seventh week. So far during the Great Return March more than 90 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces, with many thousands more injured. 

What these Palestinians are asking for is dignity and respect.  They are asking for their rights to be respected.  They are asking to return home after 70 years of disposesion, while Israel continually denies them their right of return.  These Palestinians are taking part in this protest to say that they can no longer accept the deplorable conditions in which they are forced to live due to the unbearable restriction of their basic human rights.  And many of them are ultimately paying for this with their lives.  This is the level of desperation and hopelessness that many Palestinians feel this week. 

The American administration moving their embassy to Jerusalem- seemingly thwarting the peace-process and de facto claiming Jerusalem as their own- has added fear and emotion to an already helpless situation.  This move coinciding so closely with Nakba Day (meaning Catastrophe, when Palestinians commemorate the forced removal of almost 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and lands by Zionist militia when the state of Israel was created) is particularly poignant. 

Sabeel-Kairos continues to condemn the senseless and deplorable killing and injuring of peaceful protesters.  We continue to support non-violent resistance to the Israeli occupation and blockade, including morally responsible investment, boycotts, sanctions and divestment.  To take action or donate to this cause, please visit or email


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