Send a message of hope to Palestine this Christmas

This Christmas we invite you to send a personal message of hope, solidarity and friendship to our partners – Sabeel Jerusalem and Kairos Palestine – and the communities they work with.

Hope is an ever-diminishing resource in Palestine. This year we have seen some catastrophic decisions made by some of the most powerful states in the world – decisions that have severely undermined Palestinian aspirations for self-determination, statehood and freedom. Yet despite this we believe in a God that is loving, compassionate, just, righteous, and peace-loving. We want to spread that hope, love and joy to our Palestinian brothers and sisters this Christmas, and let them know that we stand in solidarity with them, in this struggle, and will continue to do so throughout 2020 and beyond. One day Palestine will be free!

Please leave your personal message to Palestinians below, and we will forward all of these to our partners, Sabeel Jerusalem and Kairos Palestine, who will take them into the communities they work with.

    Sabeel-Kairos is the operating name of Friends of Sabeel UK (FOSUK) Ltd, Charity number 1116817, Company Number 5595112

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