Starving for Justice

How would you feel if your son or daughter went on a
hunger strike demanding justice for more than a month, and nobody
bothered to call you or check on you and your beloved one?

The silence is so loud that our hearts bleed with those mothers who are
gathering daily in various areas including  the Red Cross offices  in
the Palestinian Territories. Yet there is  no reaction or action from
the Israeli authorities or the international community to respond to
their demands for basic rights  as political prisoners,  in accordance
to the Geneva Convention.  So many of those political prisoners have
been  under administrative detention without any charge or trial.
In fact the only action taken was to move most of those prisoners to
prisons near hospitals so that they can be hospitalised if need be or
force-fed without any intention of starting a dialogue with them.
How long  will Israel continue to  ignore the basic  demands of those
prisoners, and continue to  get away with treating  them with contempt
void of any human dignity.  Do they need to die before anybody cries
out Enough is Enough.
The focus this week has been  on the visit of Mr. Trump to the region.
And Israel claimed a couple of days ago that it is introducing  easier
measures for the Palestinians.  Is this a gimmick? Or is the
occupation authority trying to pull wool over  the eyes of the
American administration and the international community? How about
introducing easier measures for those prisoners, and starting a
dialogue with them?
Please we appeal to you our friends to raise your
voice before it is too late to save the lives of those young men and
women incarcerated for no other reason than for  their legitimate
right to resist an illegal occupation.
Samia Khoury
Source: Reflections from Palestine 20th May 2017

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