Stop Israeli killer drones from intensifying the EU’s border militarisation

The ECCP (European coordination of committees and associations for Palestine) have released a statement and call to action. Israel’s drones, most made by Elbit Systems, killed 164 Palestinian children in Gaza in 2014. Now the EU uses Elbit drones for anti-refugee policies. Sign this Petition telling the EU to stop financing Israel’s war crimes and respect refugee rights. See the full statement with action ideas below:

Dear friends,

These weeks are difficult times for all of us – and as we all need to protect our health, we also need to ensure that these are times of mutual care and not of complicity and corporate profit. It is now that our capacity to show solidarity is the most important.

In this spirit, we are launching today on Monday 30 – Palestinian Land Day and the anniversary of the Gaza initiated Great Return March – a petition to ask the EU #HealthcareNotWarfare: Stop using Israel’s killer drone to militarize your anti-migration policies.


Israel uses the pandemic as a smokescreen to accelerate the de facto annexation in the West Bank and increases repression. COVID19 spreads as well under apartheid and in the besieged Gaza Strip with only 200 testing kits and 40 intensive care beds for 2 million people any effective response is impossible. In the meanwhile, the EU further closes down borders and literally imprisons migrants in the crowded camps.

Please join in personally and with your organization and mobilize from wherever we are online: We need solidarity, not militarization and Israeli killer drones! #SpreadSolidarity

Here is how you can help us to remind the EU of this basic principle:

Please, share the petition:

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(Please see sample tweets below and memes here:

We will monitor the petition but plan for it to be online for several weeks to allow others to join and for all to take the situation in their home country into account.

Let’s #SpreadSolidarity and ensure EU money doesn’t continue to be spent for Israeli killer drones and militarization.


Hashtags: #openborders  #nodrones  #worldwithoutwalls  #militaryembargo  #HealthcareNotWarfare

Proposed tweets:

JOIN US – SIGN/SHARE NOW: European agencies @Frontex and @EMSA_LISBON are using Israel’s killer drones developed during the massacres in Gaza for its anti-immigration policy. We can stop it now! #worldwithoutwalls #nodrones #HealthcareNotWarfare

STAND FOR RIGHTS, DEFEND LIFE – SIGN NOW: EU agencies @Frontex, @EMSA_LISBON use Israel’s killer drones developed in the massacres in Gaza for their anti-immigration policy. We can stop it now! Sign/Share! #worldwithoutwalls #nodrones #HealthcareNotWarfare

ACT NOW – SIGN THE PETITION: Israel’s killer drones developed during the massacres in Gaza support the crimes of EU coast guard agencies @Frontex & @EMSA_LISBON against migrants. We can stop it now! #worldwithoutwalls #openborders #HealthcareNotWarfare

Twitter contacts:

EU Commission:
@YlvaJohansson – Ylva Johansson, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs

@AdinaValean – Adina Valean, European Commissioner for Transport_EU

@Vsinkevicius – Virginijus Sinkevičius, Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries


European Parliament:

@EP_Transport – European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism

@EP_Budgets – European Parliament Committee on Budget

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