Support for Palestinian struggle from the ANC

South Africa’s ruling party, the ANC, has concluded its National General Council (NGC) and adopted strong recommendations on Palestine solidarity, including a strengthening of previous resolutions on the isolation of Israel and Israeli-linked companies.

BDS South Africa as well as the Palestinian political party Fatah made certain inputs in the build up to the NGC (click here for Fateh message of support to the ANC)). We are glad that these inputs were discussed and that the final NGC recommendations included many of the inputs by BDS South Africa, Fatah and the larger BDS and Palestinian solidarity movement.


Most notably the ANC’s NGC recommended that:


“The ANC pursue peace and democracy in the Middle East, including the liberation of the people of Palestine. In this regard, we must continually review South Africa’s relations with the State of Israel…[and] encourage disengagement on programmes and activities that may impact on our solidarity with the people of Palestine. Travel to Israel will be discouraged, and we shall make a concerted effort to conscientise our young people, leaders and public representatives, unless it [the trip] promotes solidarity and assists in resolving the conflict.”


In recent months the Israeli lobby in South Africa has attempted to initiate propaganda and boycott-busting programmes and activities including various business, media and so called “fact-finding” trips to Israel.


The human rights and Palestine solidarity organisation BDS South Africa has welcomed this important NGC recommendation to disengage from such activities that impact and hamper their long-standing solidarity with the Palestinian people.


The ANC also resolved:


“[T]o support the isolation of the UN List of businesses that operate in the [Israeli] occupied territories in Palestine.”


This again is a concrete extension of a previous ANC NEC resolution that listed G4S Security, Caterpillar and Cape Gate as companies to be excluded from South African Government contracts and tenders due to their illegal involvement in Israel.



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