Take Action: The government plans to stop local councils making ethical decisions on their investments

Several organisations have opposed the government plans and have set up campaign actions that you can take.


From the Quakers in Britain:

The government is pushing through worrying new plans to ban local councils from making ethical choices in their financial investments. This would reverse the many positive efforts of councils to move funds away from investments in the arms trade, Israeli settlement products, fossil fuels and other areas. It some cases the proposals even contravene the government’s own advice.


As Quakers, we believe the choices we make about our money are underpinned by our values, and can make a practical difference to the type of world we live in. We believe strongly in the power of legitimate, nonviolent, and democratic tools such as divestment to realise positive change in our world.


Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) opposes the plans and has responded to the public consultation the government is currently holding. This consultation applies to England and Wales. It may also have implications in the future for Scotland, although this isn’t covered by the current consultation. You can read our response in the resource below. The consultation closes on Friday, February 19 – Find out how here how you can respond too and about other actions you can take.


From the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and others:

The UK Government is trying to prevent local authorities from divesting from companies linked to Israel’s illegal occupation and settlements on Palestinian land. Authorities which refuse to contract with such companies are also being targeted.


Please take action and make your voice heard: send a message to the government’s consultation on this issue.


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