The BDS debate intensifies

Major groups of artists and academics have been voicing the arguments for and against cultural and academic boycotts of Israel.


Robert Cohen provides some thoughts on how BDS is becoming the battleground of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the West, why Christians are finding it hard to boycott Israel, and 10 helpful rebuttals to combat criticism and accusations.


More than 300 academics from dozens of British universities have pledged to boycott Israeli academic institutions in protest at what they call intolerable human rights violations against the Palestinian people.
The declaration, by 343 professors and lecturers, is printed in a full-page advertisement carried in Guardian, with the title: “A commitment by UK scholars to the rights of Palestinians.”


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J K Rowling and other celebrities have come out in opposition to the cultural and academic boycotts, and have released a letter saying:


“We do not believe cultural boycotts are acceptable or that the letter you published accurately represents opinion in the cultural world in the UK.”


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