Theological Network

The formation of a Theological Network has been agreed by the Board of Sabeel-Kairos.



Whether it be called Liberation or Kairos or Contextual Theology, the essence will be to challenge Zionist and Christian Zionist claims that the occupation, and associated ethnic cleansing of Palestine, are manifestations of God’s will and purpose.


There are similar initiatives with which we might link. The World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) has launched a 3 year programme entitled ‘The Church, Zionism and the Liberation of Palestine; a project of Learning, Discernment and Faith leading to prophetic action.’


The Board has asked the Rev Brian Brown, a retired Methodist Minister who engaged with Kairos Theology in the apartheid era, to convene the Network. He has visited the Beyers Naudê Centre for Public Theology in South Africa where the WCRC global project is based.


Friends of Sabeel-Kairos who feel strongly about a relevant prophetic theology in regard to what is happening in Israel/Palestine are invited to join the group by sending their names to Brian: . Those who last year on Iona expressed their desire for a theological network will be contacted.


Initial plans are to share theological papers, insights and comments by email, with perhaps an annual meeting for decision making and twice yearly reporting to the Board.

Sabeel-Kairos is the operating name of Friends of Sabeel UK (FOSUK) Ltd, Charity number 1116817, Company Number 5595112

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