They’re asking us for a miracle: Save Pope Mountain

Israel is about to wipe out an entire indigenous community based on a new law that could take away their rights to their land. Alone, they will lose everything — but if we show local politicians that a million eyes around the world are watching, we could stop the bulldozers before they start.

The community of Pope Mountain has built an incredible 100-meter long message in stone on the peak of the mountain reading: “WE SHALL REMAIN”.

But last night Israeli soldiers stormed the mountain, threatened the families and destroyed their monument of resistance.

Today, the brave families on Pope Mountain are gathering to painstakingly replace the stones and reaffirm their determination to stay on their lands. Let’s redouble our support and get one million people to stand with Pope Mountain. Forward this to everyone or click here to share on Facebook.

Near the hilltops of the village of Bethany, 2000 years ago, it is said that Jesus Christ brought Lazarus back to life.

Today those hilltops are home to an indigenous community who are about to be bulldozed into the ground. Their homes, land, and way of life completely wiped out.

But these brave families refuse to fade silently into the darkness. Instead, they are taking a huge risk, rising up against the bulldozers by nonviolently “sitting-in” their homes. They’re betting on a miracle: that their act of courage will inspire people around the world to help stop the bulldozers before they crush them.


We can be that miracle.


This destruction can only happen under total media darkness. Click to stand with the families, and the Avaaz team will join the community and project our names onto these homes — so when the military bulldozers come, they won’t just see a small village huddling in fear — they’ll see the world standing as a protective shield around the families of Pope Mountain.

Click here to stand with the families of Pope Mountain.

The community on Pope Mountain is under threat because extremist politicians just passed a law that undermines these families’ right to their land. The Israeli Attorney General has said it’s unconstitutional, but politicians plan to cleanse everyone living in this area to build an illegal colony and Trump-style separation wall.

Although the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is complicated, this issue is clear cut: President Obama, all the leaders of the European Union, and the United Nations condemned these plans and said that cleansing this indigenous community would make peace almost impossible.

But now the extremists have Donald Trump. That’s why the families of Pope Mountain need us.

If millions of us stand in solidarity with them now, we’ll bring media attention to their story — and mobilise people from around the world to come and join the sit-in. We’ll bring to life a symbol of global unity where extremists want to create division. It will be a miracle of hope against fear. Let’s create a protective shield around Pope Mountain — and give peace a chance.

Source: Avaaz 17th April 2017

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