UN report highlights Palestinian needs

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs for the Occupied Palestinian Territory has released a statistical document related to Palestinians’ humanitarian needs for 2016.

The report states:


“The humanitarian context of oPt is unique amongst today’s humanitarian crises and remains directly tied to the impact of occupation, now approaching its 50th year.”


According to the report, 2.3 million Palestinians are in need of humanitarian assistance – 1.3 million of whom are living in the Gaza Strip. The exacerbation of conditions in Gaza, especially after international betrayal regarding the alleged rebuilding of the enclave that never materialized, has rendered the population vulnerable in particular as regards internal displacement and economic insecurity; the latter impacted by the Israeli blockade. The West Bank, on the other hand, is characterized by needs and dependency related to Israeli and PA collaboration, in particular the practice of security coordination and administrative detention, as well as physical hindrances such as the Apartheid Wall and increased settlement expansion.

The report states that from January to November 2015, there have been 11,953 injured Palestinians in the West Bank and Israel. Israeli premeditated extrajudicial killings which triggered the Jerusalem Intifada, simplified in the OCHA report as “a surge in violence”, has also contributed to further displacement, forced transfers and home demolitions. Palestinians living in refugee camps in the West Bank have totaled 780,000 where overcrowding contributes to humanitarian inadequacies. Israeli military incursions in the camps have also resulted in human rights violations.

Given the lack of legal enforcement, as well as Israel’s brand of impunity that has been endorsed at an international level, the report will most likely serve as a tool to heighten awareness and, in return, bolster Israel’s macabre deceit.
Read full report in Middle East News

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