Urgent Action: Save Susiya and Umm al-Hiran from demolition

August 2016: The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has launched and urgent call to save the fate of two Palestinian villages from destruction in the coming weeks. Please act now.


Susiya, a small village in the south Hebron hills has been demolished several times by the Israeli armed forces, and continues to be threatened daily by extremist settlers who have been known to terrorise Susiya’s residents and torch land and olive trees.


This week the Israeli supreme court left the fate of Susiya to right-wing Israeli Defence Minister Lieberman. According to human rights organisation, B’Tselem, when Lieberman visited Susiya he was accompanied by members of the settler organisation Regavim who offered him absurd and distorted accounts of Susiya and its history, leaving the Palestinian residents of Susiya with little hope.


Umm al-Hiran is a bedouin village just a few miles away in the Negev, in Israel. It faces impending demolition to make way for a new Jewish-only village which has caused controversy across the world. This week Israeli forces arrived in Umm al-Hiran with land surveyors and tractors, and were met by Palestinian and Israeli protestors. Five of these were arrested and one woman was hospitalized from injuries she sustained from Israeli forces.


Please click this link to email your MP directly from the PSC website, and call on the UK government to stop the illegal destruction of Palestinian homes, and share this campaign widely on social media.

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