Veolia’s leaving Israel

From the Palestine Solidarity Campaign:


Veolia has just announced that it is completely pulling out of its contracts with Israeli apartheid! This is a huge victory for solidarity with Palestine and the BDS movement and sends a clear message to other companies – doing business with Israel risks your reputation and profit.
The campaign against Veolia notched up major successes with Veolia losing major contracts. The pressure from campaigns like ours was too much and today they announced they’re selling the Light Rail shares too! That means Veolia has completely withdrawn from Israeli apartheid, exactly what our campaign wanted them to do.

Sarah Colborne, Director of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, said”
 “this victory is thanks to years of hard work from activists and campaigners in the UK joining together with people around the world to stand up for Palestinian rights. This just shows that when we act together for justice we can achieve great things.”


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