Where it all started

Close to Nazareth we find Tzipori National Park. This is said to be some of the best Roman ruins in the world. It is important as this may have been a source of work for Joseph. While many think that Joseph was a simple carpenter, there is a body of evidence to suggest that he was a Tekton, which is more like an architect.  We had a very interesting time looking at the wonderful mosaics and excavated buildings. Of course, there was time afterwards for a coffee or an ice cream.


Then on to the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth, where the angel visited Mary. Nazareth is a large city with about 30% christians and 60% muslims. The Basilica is a beautiful church built around a cave which is thought to be the place of the annunciation.

We then had a splendid lunch – more Falafel, and a change to wander through the old city and to see theSynagogue where Jesus read the scriptures. People in the market were very helpful in opening up the building which now belongs to the Melkite Church.

Then we boarded the bus for a short trip to a fascinating place – Nazareth Village. This is a reconstruction of life in Jesus’ time, with “villagers” showing us the way of life. We saw a vine press and a synagogue, a carpenter and a weaver.


Finally we were back on the bus for the journey home. In the hotel Neil hosted a discussion on all we had seen and heard. So much to share when we get home.

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