World Leaders: Lift the Gaza Blockade



35 aid organisations have joined with campaigning leader Avaaz to demand an end to the blockade in Gaza.


The petition, which you can sign here aims to get 1.8 million signatures – representing each person living in Gaza. #OpenGaza is becoming a huge campaign, and we want each and every Sabeel-Kairos member to sign it.





For a whole year the Israeli government has restricted basic and essential construction materials from entering Gaza. Not one of the 19,000 homes that were bombed and destroyed has been fully rebuilt.

One year on, around 100,000 Palestinians in Gaza are still homeless, hospitals and schools still lie in ruins, and whole neighbourhoods have no access to running water.

Our governments have already pledged to rebuild Gaza, and called on the government of Israel to lift the blockade. If we now show them that people everywhere want urgent action to stop this injustice, they are more likely to insist the Israeli government stop hindering reconstruction, and families will be able to build homes and children will finally get their schools back.



Join the campaign – sign the petition now!



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