World Week for Peace 2015 is launched


People from far and near gathered for the Morning Prayer in Beir Ouna, Cremisan.

Bishop William Shomali led the prayers and offered a homily on 1 Kings 21. It was a meaningful and peaceful time of prayer and reflection calling for peace and an end to the occupation based on a just peace. It was a moment when those gathered asserted hope against mighty power.


Yusef Daher, Executive Secretary, Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre reports: “Jerusalem, Bethlehem , Beit Jala , and Beit Sahour churches and communities, together with Christian movements within the National Coalition in Palestine , launched the WCC World week for peace in Beir Ouna, the area where israel insists on continuing its separation wall cutting these communities from each other , cutting trees from its mother earth.


With an ecumenical service they prayed so that the Wall will fall, not only in this area but in all Palestine and even in AlAqsa Mosque where time and space walls divide Muslims from their holiest places.


And they were not alone. In more than 42 countries, churches, civil society groups, the human rights community, and others have all joined together to assert their conviction that the “WALL WILL FALL”. Their common assertion is that “God has broken down the dividing walls”.


A global petition “Stop the illegal separation barrier” has also been launched and people are being urged to sign up to it so that decision makers around the world hear this unified voice of people who yearn for a just peace and an end to the 48 year-old occupation of Palestinian lands by Israel. You can sign on if you just click here.


Ranjan Solomon, from Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum says:-

We remind you once again to sign up and ask those who are your partners in justice to join you in signing the petition.


We hope to see thousands join this campaign so that decision makers are aware that there is widespread public backing for end to the 48-year old occupation which has caused endless suffering and oppression for the Palestinians.



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