Zochrot Vision Paper on the Right of Return

Sabeel-Kairos have just endorsed the Zochrot Return Council’s Vision Paper which seeks to realize and support the implementation of the right of return for Palestinian Refugees and IDPs.

We think that it is important to support this type of solidarity movement within the Israeli Jewish population, especially its youth movement who support the Right of Return and education on the Nakba.

With the Great March of Return in Gaza continuing, we need to show support for all similar initiatives at express support for the full self-determination and justice for Palestinians.

Please read the document linked below and share as widely as possible.


Dear friends, partners, and supporters,

We have just opened an exciting new chapter in the story of Zochrot as an organization and we very much want you to be part of it. With your support, we will do much more, starting with the Movement for Return.

On April 9th, during the recent Knesset elections and the 71st anniversary of the massacre of Dayr Yasin, we held a commemoration at the site of the massacre and publicly called for Israelis to join a movement for return. While the Israeli public was asked to vote in a false show of democracy that avoids the real issues, promotes men who are responsible for war crimes, and leaves out Palestinians, we called on our sisters and brothers to make a real choice: to elect to remember and to symbolically vote for the Right of Return – an issue that was not on any party’s agenda in the general elections but that should be on top of everyone’s agenda if we truly seek justice and lasting peace.

We ask you to join in support of this movement and boldly call for the Right of Return to be implemented.

This movement is a natural continuation of Zochrot’s many years of work to raise public awareness of the Nakba and to start a discussion on the Right of Return inside Israeli society. It is a continuation, especially, of the work we have been doing in the past two years with dozens of Jewish-Israeli activists, academics and public figures who drafted the Return Manifesto. Even before the public call was out on April 9th, Zochrot members were already doing work around the country to put forward Palestinian return as a real option. On March 30th, Land Day, together with other organizations and groups, we answered a call for solidarity from Gaza and nearly 300 Israelis protested in front of the ministry of defense in central Tel Aviv, demanding to stop the killing of protestors in Gaza, to end the siege, and to implement the right of return. More actions are forthcoming in April and May before and during the Eurovision song contest hosted in Tel Aviv.

We need your help to grow this movement to become a significant force for change in our society.

Please sign this declaration of support for the movement of Israelis for return, share it with your friends and family, and help us grow.

A monthly donation of 10 £ or more will allow us to continue to be a disruptive and constructive presence in the Israeli public space, to challenge its narrative that erases and dehumanizes Palestinians, and to push forward a vision for return and a life of justice and peace for all of this land’s inhabitants.

We are excited to have you as a partner on this journey and thank you for your support and encouragement.

With much appreciation and in hope for return, justice and peace,

Rachel Beitarie

Zochrot’s managing director

April, 2019

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