Israel Bans Palestinian Exports

The Israeli Ministry of Defence announced a ban on Palestinians exporting their agricultural fresh produce via Jordan earlier this month.

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Who Profits statement on UN list – a positive yet partial step

Israeli organisation Who Profits that have recorded the activities of over 400 companies complicit in profiting from the occupation release a statement on the UN list released last week.

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UN releases long-awaited blacklist of companies with ties to settlements

OHCHR says 112 business entities have ties to Israeli settlements in the West Bank, 94 based in Israel, and 18 in six other countries

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Parliamentarians express grave concern over Trump’s so-called ‘peace plan’ for Israel and the Palestinians.

You can download the letter here The full letter reads: Dear Prime Minister,We are writing to you as a group of cross-party parliamentarians to express our grave concern over the contents of US President Donald Trump’s so-called ‘peace plan’ for Israel and the Palestinians.

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Bishops reject “Peace for Prosperity” plan and insist on the upholding of International Law

Our governments have a responsibility to uphold International law and protect human dignity in the Holy Land. This unilateral initiative does not do so..

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