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Thank you so much for considering standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people by choosing to join Sabeel-Kairos.

The benefits of membership

-You will get access to all our events included in your membership fees: webinars, study series, Q & A’s with speakers from our partners in Palestine.

-You will be able to access support from our staff in any campaigning and advocacy work for Palestine that you do amongst Christians/churches in the UK.  This includes being part of our UK wide network of Christian peacemakers for Palestine.

-You will be helping us to fund and expand our advocacy work for a just peace in Palestine & Israel.

-You will have the option of joining one of our denominational campaign and advocacy groups, which are supported by our staff.

-You will be able to attend our AGM to get more in depth news about the charity’s work and use your voice by voting at our AGM.


Yearly membership: The minimum cost is £30 a year – Please set up a yearly direct debit as this means that your membership will not lapse from year to year.  If this is not possible then please feel free to just pay for one year or get in touch with us if your circumstances mean you need a reduced rate .

Regular giving membership: You can also be a member by giving a minimum monthly sum of £2.50.  If you can increase this to £5 /£10 or more this would be amazing!  Regular giving is our main source of income, and helps us to plan what funds we have available each year for our campaigning and advocacy work.

Please fill in the membership form and then set up your membership payments below.

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    Other ways to give:

    If you would prefer to donate another way, such as setting up a standing order with your bank, or sending us a cheque, please contact our membership officer Ruth on .


    Sabeel-Kairos is the operating name of Friends of Sabeel UK (FOSUK) Ltd, Charity number 1116817, Company Number 5595112

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