Sabeel-Kairos presents the film ‘Objector’ and a live Q+A with Atalya Ben Abba

We are delighted to invite under 35’s to join us for a screening of the internationally renowned film ‘Objector’ about an Israeli teenager who refuses to serve in the army, and then attend a live Q+A with Atalya herself to find out what inspired her to become a conscientious objector.

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Christian Zionism and the restoration of Israel: How should we interpret the scriptures?

Colin Chapman has released his latest book, this time focusing on Christian Zionism. Find out how to order your copy here.

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Kairos Palestine call to The Holy See (Vatican), The World Council of Churches and Church Leaders Worldwide for Solidarity and Action

The Christian Palestinian Initiative, Kairos Palestine, urges the Christian community worldwide to act justly and speak the truth about Israel’s oppressive policies and practices, especially regarding violent attacks on Palestinians in Jerusalem and Israel’s deadly assault on the people of Gaza.

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On the eve of Nakba Day, UK charities urge government and Parliament to uphold the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people as they face ongoing dispossession

We are a group of UK-based humanitarian, development, human rights and faith organisations working for the rights of the Palestinian people. The world has been given a stark reminder on the eve of the 73rd anniversary of what is known by Palestinians as the Nakba (‘catastrophe’) that the dispossession that began in 1948 is a…

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Methodists Divest from Caterpillar citing Palestinian Evictions

5th May 2021 The Methodist Church has sold its shares in the US-based company Caterpillar, citing the continued use of its equipment to destroy peoples’ homes as part of the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories, and its poor record in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance.

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