Free Layan Nassir!

Palestinian Christian Layan Nassir was first arrested in 2021 for being part of a progressive student university group that was designated ‘unlawful’ by Israel in 2020 in an attempt to suppress student activism and silence Palestinian demands for freedom. After several months in prison, Layan was released, only to be rearrested in April 2024. Find out how you can campaign for Layan’s release below.

On the 16th April, Revd Munther Isaac visited Layan’s family at their home in Birzeit and shared the following news:

“Today we learned that an Israeli military court has placed Palestinian Christian young woman Layan Nasir, who was arrested last week, in administrative detention for four months (renewable). No charges have been presented.

Layan is just one of thousands of Palestinians who are in detention with no charges (including 85+ women). This is part of the Israeli apartheid system that oppresses Palestinians.

According to B’Tselem: “Israel routinely uses administrative detention and has, over the years, placed thousands of Palestinians behind bars for periods ranging from several months to several years, without charging them, without telling them what they are accused of, and without disclosing the alleged evidence to them or to their lawyers.”

I have spoken to Layan’ family this morning to console them. Please pray for Layan and Layan’s family. Please pray for justice. Please pray and advocate for the release of the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners / hostages!

What can I do?

We have produced a prayer and action card highlighting Layan’s case which we would encourage you to download, print, and share widely with your contacts. On the back is a link to the petition on calling for Layan’s release (see direct link to the petition below).


Petition · Updates to: Release Layan Nasir and other Birzeit University students – United States ·

You can also write to your MP, raising Layan’s case with them and asking them to call on the Israeli government to release Layan and other students held illegally like her.

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