Other actions

Letter to British Consulate in Jerusalem concerning imprisoned human rights defender, Salah Hammouri

As a group of UK-based humanitarian, development, human rights and faith organisations working to support the rights and welfare of the Palestinian people, we are gravely concerned by the arbitrary detention and ongoing harassment of Palestinian-French lawyer and human rights defender Salah Hammouri. (more…)

Sanctions petition

Many of us recently signed the parliamentary petition ‘Introduce sanctions against Israel’. After receiving the government’s official reply, which was less than satisfactory, our engagement officer Ruth wrote to her MP with a list of questions to challenge the response. (more…)

Dear Archbishop Justin: Why are you silent on the suffering in Gaza?

21 May

Today we issued a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury questioning his silence over the last 11 days on the disproportionate violence against civilians in Palestine, and the lack of solidarity and support for the Palestinian people.  You can read our letter, and share in this action here. (more…)

Stop Israel’s forced displacement of Palestinians from East Jerusalem!

Over 1,500 Palestinians from neighborhoods in Jerusalem are facing threat of forced displacement and home demolitions by Israeli authorities. Children make up a large percentage of the families threatened with homelessness. (more…)

Twinning with Palestine

The Britain Palestine Friendship and Twinning Network – make friends, build solidarity, inspire hope.

The Britain Palestine Friendship and Twinning Network (BPFTN) is a membership body bringing together autonomous groups who share a common aim: to develop links with Palestinian partners and people to increase mutual understanding, solidarity and cooperation. We were established in 2005 and promote and support twinning and friendship between a range of different British and Palestinian communities and groups.

We believe that by deepening friendship, understanding and connections between the people of the UK and Palestine through friendship and twinning links, we can change hearts and minds and raise awareness of the ongoing injustice experienced by the Palestinian people.

We have a broad understanding of what friendship and twinning mean- we have member groups who are officially twinned with towns but many others that are informally linked through friendship and other connections- we warmly welcome any group that shares our aims. You don’t have to have a direct link with a specific place- believing and acting in friendship with Palestine and its people is what matters.

You can read all about what we do, how to set up a group, browse our resources, and find out more about Palestine and we’d love to hear from anyone who wants to know more, would be interested in joining the network or setting up a group. Please get in touch – or visit our website: https://www.twinningwithpalestine.net/

Annexation is illegal, morally corrupt, and threatens the lives of all in the Holy Land. Churches and civil society must speak up.

Call to Action by Sabeel-Kairos UK. May, 2020


Israel’s new coalition government has announced[1] that from as early as July 1st it will legislate to formally annex parts of the occupied West Bank, including the Jordan Valley. Annexation, as well as being illegal under international law[2], threatens the livelihoods, hopes and daily lives of thousands of Palestinians, who are already experiencing severe restrictions under Israeli occupation since 1967. (more…)

EAPPI – Urgent Campaign Action to MPs

Yesterday (5th May) our friends at EAPPI launched a campaign action targeted at UK MPs regarding Israel’s plans to annex large parts of the West Bank (including the Jordan Valley) from July 1st. Please take urgent action today to help prevent the imminent annexation of occupied Palestine (more…)

Call for the UK government to formally recognise the State of Palestine

The UK government should formally recognise the State of Palestine based on 1967 lines with Jerusalem as a shared capital. To enable this, the UK government should act robustly to prevent annexation of territory by the State of Israel as well as facilitating peace, justice and dignity for all. (more…)

Zochrot Vision Paper on the Right of Return

Sabeel-Kairos have just endorsed the Zochrot Return Council’s Vision Paper which seeks to realize and support the implementation of the right of return for Palestinian Refugees and IDPs.


Kairos Palestine launch Global Signature Campaign

This petition comes from Kairos Palestine and its partner movements, Global Kairos for Justice.
In December 2018 people from around the world gathered in Bethlehem Palestine to further the Kairos call for an end to the State of Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people and its occupation of Palestinian territories. With love as its logic, the call is grounded in nonviolent resistance to oppression and violations of human rights.


12 Ways in 12 Days

Suggestions of ways to reinvigorate our support for Palestine.


Click on the link below to read about some ideas to (hopefully) inspire you, whether you’re just starting out or an ‘old-timer’


12 Ways in 12 Days

Support a legal challenge to the Independent Press Standards Organisation

From campaigner Jonathan Coulter: 

I need you to help me fund a legal challenge to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) over its irrational and unfair response to a complaint against two newspapers (The Times and Sunday Times), which had both grossly misreported a public meeting held in the House of Lords in October 2016.  (more…)

Actions to take for Jerusalem

PSC have organised actions for us to take regarding Trump’s appealing decision on Jerusalem. There is a protest TODAY (Friday 8th Dec) outside the US Embassy in London, and local protests happening across the UK too. You can also write to your MP. More details below.  (more…)

Save Susiya from imminent demolition

On Wednesday 6th Dec there will be a debate in parliament about the effect of Israeli demolitions on Palestinian communities. ICAHD UK and PSC have produced resources to help you lobby your MP to attend and raise concerns about the imminent demolition of Susiya.  (more…)

Stop Israel’s illegal annexation of land in the Palestinian village of Al Walaja

Seventy percent of the land in the Palestinian village of Al Walaja has already been taken over by Israel as part of their territorial expansion. In its latest move, Israel plans to move a nearby military checkpoint closer to the village and deeper into the West Bank territories. Please sign and share this petition to take action against this. (more…)

Join the lobby of Parliament for Palestine 2017

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign invite you to join them in parliament on Nov 22nd to meet with your MP and ask them to take action against Israel’s illegal settlements and the abuse of Palestinian children under military detention. (more…)

#LightsOnGaza social media campaign

Oxfam international have launched the social media campaign #LightsOnGaza in response to the desperate electricity crisis people in Gaza are facing. (more…)

Free Issa Amro: Human rights defender arrested by Palestinian Authority.

Youth Against Settlements are asking us to sign their petition calling for the immediate release of Issa Amro. (more…)

Take Action: Sign the Gaza petition


The Palestine Solidarity Campaign have issued a new petition concerning the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, which is entirely politically caused and preventable if the blockade would be lifted.


The petition calls for:


– the immediate lifting of the blockade of Gaza and allowing of imports and exports;

– the UK government to abide by their obligations under international law to end the siege;

– the removal by Israel of all obstacles to the exercise of human rights by Palestinians in Gaza – including the right to travel and trade.


Find out more

Sign the petition


PSC Launch of #VotePalestine

On May 12th, Palestine Solidarity Campaign launched a mass campaign to canvass the views of every candidate to the General Election on the 8th June 2017.


They’re asking us for a miracle: Save Pope Mountain

Israel is about to wipe out an entire indigenous community based on a new law that could take away their rights to their land. Alone, they will lose everything — but if we show local politicians that a million eyes around the world are watching, we could stop the bulldozers before they start.


Addameer calls for month of action for Palestinian Prisoners

Addameer Prisoner Support & Human Rights Association calls on campaigners, activists, and people of conscience to take actions for Palestinian Prisoners’ Day on April 17 and the whole month of April to stand in solidarity with all Palestinian political prisoners. (more…)

Free human rights defender Issa Amro

Palestinian activist Issa Amro, who has been recognized as a Human Rights Defender by the European Union and the United Nations, is undergoing Israeli military trial on 18 charges dating all the way back to 2010. (more…)

UN – either endorse the UN-ESCWA report on Israeli apartheid or disprove it.

A petition has been launched on change.org calling on the UN to prove, by scientific, factual evidence, that Israel is not an apartheid state, and if it cannot then to endorse the censored report by UN-ESCWA.


Sign the petition here and please share widely.

Stop Tzipi Livni from being appointed a Deputy Secretary General at the UN

Please sign the petition and let the UN know that the world will not allow a war criminal and child killer to be Deputy Secretary of the UN! Reject the appointment of Tzipi Livni to a UN post!

Urgent: Stop the imminent demolition of Khan Al Ahmar



Ask your elected representative to act urgently to stop the imminent and unprecedented demolition of an entire Palestinian village in the occupied West Bank  (more…)

Protest Netanyahu’s visit to the UK: Mon 6 Feb

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will be in London to meet PM Theresa May on Monday 6 February. Join the protest opposite Downing Street to oppose his visit. 11.30am to 1.30pm. (more…)

Ask your MP to attend the Parliamentary debate on Israeli settlements

EAPPI are asking you to take action and ask your MP to attend the debate in the UK Parliament on Thursday, February 9th on Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Below you can find all the information you need, including a template letter from our Sabeel-Kairos Community group in Reading.


Take action: Ask your MP to sign this EDM on Israeli settlement football teams

Please contact your MP now to ask him to sign Early Day Motion 811 and raise the issue of FIFA recognising football teams from illegal Israeli settlements. Click here for the link to the EDM and the signatories so far.


Urgent: Save Umm al-Hiran from immediate demolition

Update: January 2017


A recent report from the organisation Haqel – Jews and Arabs in Defence of Human Rights highlights plans for the eviction of families from Umm al-Hiran on January 15th following the breakdown of negotiations with the Bedouin community in December 2016, when they were given the only option to move immediately to Hura with no agreement on their rights or future.


Haqel are calling on people globally to respond by sending a picture of 100 year-old Musa Hussein, who faces eviction if the plans go ahead, to Israeli Embassy’s around the world. We would also recommend that you copy the letter/email/fax to your MP too, so that they are aware of the Israeli governments plans.


For more information and to take action, please visit this website:



There is also more information on the Haqel Facebook page (more…)

Palestinian children from Lajee dance troupe face military prosecution

The Lajee centre in Aida refugee camp has seen an alarming number of attacks on it recently. Sheffield Sabeel-Kairos community, who hosted the group earlier this year have issued a press release and call to action on behalf of several children from the centre who have been arrested.  (more…)

Stop the illegal demolition of Palestinian homes

Over 800 homes destroyed and 1000 displaced in 2016 so far

Stop the illegal demolition of Palestinian homes!

Help us reach 2000 signatures

2016 National Lobby of Parliament for Palestine: 15 Nov

Organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign


Join us on the 15th of November from 12pm-6pm for our national lobby of parliament. (more…)

Google: Put Palestine on your maps!

A new petition is taking off on change.org challenging google to name Palestine on its maps. (more…)

Petition for Rabbis to sign: Stop Netanyahu from demolishing Palestinian homes

Over 500 Rabbis from Israel, the UK, the US and Canada have signed a petition on Avaaz to stop the Israeli Prime minister from destroying hundreds of Palestinian homes and structures across the West Bank.


The campaign, led by Rabbis for Human Rights, calls on Jewish leaders worldwide to send a united message to Netanyahu that his stance is against international law and Jewish tradition.


If you are a Rabbi or Cantor please do sign and share this petition.

Urgent Action: Save Susiya and Umm al-Hiran from demolition

August 2016: The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has launched and urgent call to save the fate of two Palestinian villages from destruction in the coming weeks. Please act now. (more…)

FIFA: Give Israeli settlements the Red Card!

We’re so close to winning, but it’s not in the bag. After tens of thousands of us raised our voices, FIFA’s official Monitoring Committee, led by Tokyo Sexwale, just recommended that Israeli football teams must stop playing on stolen Palestinian land.


MP’s plea to release Marwan Barghouthi after 14 years

Marwan Barghouthi could bring peace and independence to Palestine. But he’s in jail. Leading MPs from all parties have signed a parliamentary motion calling on the Israeli parliament to release the Palestinian MP Marwan Barghouthi who has been in jail continuously for the last 14 years.


Stop demolitions in the West Bank

The West Bank has endured an unprecedented number of demolitions during the first part of 2016, leaving an average of 45 Palestinian every week homeless. (more…)

Send a postcard to Matthew Hancock

From the Palestine Solidarity Campaign:


Did you know that Cabinet Office minister Matthew Hancock went all the way to Jerusalem so he could tell the Israeli Prime Minister in person that the UK Government is curtailing the democratic rights and freedoms of British people to help its Israeli ally? (more…)

Skip the Trip – new campaign action

In the face of growing BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) campaigns in support of freedom, justice, and equality, Israel is offering actors, actresses, and directors nominated for an Academy Award this year a $55,000 all-expenses paid trip to Israel as part of its ongoing efforts to hide its violations of Palestinian rights.


URC Motion

Sabeel-Kairos member Angus Geddes has put together a motion for his URC Church and Synod to consider for submission to the URC General Assembly on the 8-11th July this year. The motion is focussed on seeking justice and peace in Palestine and Israel through endorsing and using recommendations in A Moment of Truth (Sabeel-Kairos Palestine, 2009) and the Inheritance of Abraham Report by the Church of Scotland (2013). (more…)

Support the Olive Tree Project

This project gives people the opportunity to sponsor an olive tree and take part in olive tree planting and harvesting trips to the Holy Land.


Through the Olive Tree Project, you can support Palestinian Christians as they work with Palestinian farmers to protect their land from confiscation.


Click here to learn more. 


Support Palestinian producers

One way to support Palestinian people is to sell Palestinian products in your local community. Here are two companies that can supply you with products ranging from food to crafts. There are usually local stockists who you can link with, and local volunteers that attend events so please contact the organisation directly for assistance.


Zaytoun: www.zaytoun.org or email 


Zaytoun can be found via traidcraft, oxfam shops and many other independent retailers nationwide. You can also buy online through Premcrest: www.premcrest.co.uk/search-zaytoun.html


Hadeel: www.hadeel.org, have a shop based in Edinburgh, and you can also buy online through their website.

World Leaders: Lift the Gaza Blockade



35 aid organisations have joined with campaigning leader Avaaz to demand an end to the blockade in Gaza.


Demolishing the West Bank piece by piece

Background information

August saw an unprecedented level of demolition in the West Bank, leaving tens of Palestinian families homeless and others stripped of their livelihoods.


Join the struggle to support Umm el Hiran

You might consider joining Adalah in leading a public campaign to stop Israel’s plan to demolish an Arab Bedouin village in order to build a Jewish town over its ruins.


Sabeel-Kairos Call to Action practical list

The Sabeel-Kairos Time for Action has a variety of campaigning suggestions.


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Campaign:  Right to Boycott

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Campaign: A Cry for Hope

We cannot serve God while remaining silent about
the oppression of the Palestinians.

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Theology Group

The Sabeel-Kairos Theology groups meets regularly to research, discuss and take action regarding theological issues in Israel/Palestine. Find out more here.

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Host an online cook-along for your local group and raise much needed funds that can make a real difference to the lives of Palestinians.

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Sabeel Wave of Prayer

Get the weekly Sabeel Wave of Prayer here every Thursday

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Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions

Find out more about the international BDS movement and how to boycott, divest and sanction against anything associated with Israel’s occupation.

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Trips to Palestine/Israel

“In order to understand our reality, we say to the Churches: Come and see.” – Sabeel-Kairos Palestine document

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Becoming a Sabeel-Kairos Community

What are Sabeel-Kairos Communities? How can we become one?

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